Rental management ANTIBES

  1. Research of tenant

    • Advertisements in local newspapers and free magazines.
    • Posting on many websites (SeLoger, Fnaim, Le BonCoin, Acheter-Louer, Avendre-Alouer, Portierimmo, Explorimmo, etc).
    • Dissemination of leases with colleagues.
    • Dissemination of organisms Sophia Antipolis.
    • Careful selection of the tenant.
    • Drafting leases.
    • Current status, inventory, keys.
    • Legal Information Services Tax, changes contracts EDF, GDF, telephone, etc.
    • Information Owner.
  2. Collection of rents, charges and taxes

    • Submission of monthly receipts and due notice.
    • Reminder of unpaid rents, by letter and payment order.
    • In the event of default, followed by litigation.
    • Count of rental charges.
  3. Payment of condominium fees, various bills, taxes, etc.

  4. Maintenance leased premises

    • Response companies for works to the owner's expense, after approval of a quote.
    • Supervision of work, reception, invoice verification.
    • In case of water damage, letter to the trustee and monitoring the rehabilitation of the site.
  5. Lease Management

    • Revision of rents, according to INSEE indices.
    • Renewal of leases.
    • Leave the tenant on request of the owner.
  6. Eviction

    • Information owner and request authorization to rent with the new price proposal.
    • Information Services Tax
  7. Payments

    • Rental settlements by monthly transfer and reissue of management statements.
    • Provision of a copy of all receipts for expenses.
  8. Miscellaneous

    • Achievement of technical diagnostics and updates.
    • Representation at general meetings of owners.
    • Help for the french tax revenue.

We also offer an insurance for unpaid rentals, litigation costs and property damage, securing the revenues of your patrimony if your tenant happened to fail.

Please note that our fees are fully deductible !